I've known Bill Coryer of Paragon Roofing for a few months now. Usually, you hire someone to do a job, then they disappear. Not Bill! He constantly texts me to check on the job he and his crew did. "Any leaks, yet?" "Any loose shingles, yet?" "Are you still happy with the job we did?" Crazy-good customer service to say the least.

I actually had to tell Bill NOT to come back to my house TWICE simply because I had "concerns" (which ended-up being my lack of knowledge about roofs). He, as the owner of the company, wanted to come back out to my house to PERSONALLY inspect the job they did and fix it. Fortunately, there was nothing to fix. He invested him time on the phone with me to answer my questions, give me tips and advice, and I realized that all was good.

I told Bill that I had never experienced such levels of customer service from the owner of a company and asked him WHY he paid so much attention to my satisfaction. He LITERALLY said, "Your roof is my foundation." As a business owner, I totally get it. Bill said that he puts food on his family's table by making sure my family is safe and satisfied. A man who has that sort of humility is a man I can trust.

I hope you give Paragon Roofing a call. It is rare to become friends with a vendor/contractor, and Paragon -- Bill Coryer -- is an exceptional vendor/contractor who is a true friend to me, my home, and my family. Thank you, Bill. Your crew was respectful, filled with laughter, and extremely dedicated to the job. Very satisfied.

Robert Humphries

I recently had Paragon Roofing estimate and install a new roof on my house.  The estimator was not only professional and courteous but very knowledgeably as well.  He quickly worked up a quote and was also able to quote the installation for some skylights and sky-tubes that my wife had been wanting for some time.  The roofing crew came out and immediately set up tarps to protect the vegetation around my home and to catch any falling materials.  They did a great installation of both the roof and the added skylights/tubes.  When the installation was complete they thoroughly went through the yard picking up any materials and nails that didn't get caught by the tarps.  The estimator then returned and did a walk through and made sure we were completely satisfied with the work.  This was a great experience and I will be using Paragon Roofing again on my new house.

Thanks Paragon Roofing!

Jason Hutchinson

Cumming, GA

Thank you Bill Coryer for our beautiful leak free roof.  It got put to a real test over the last few days of incessant rain and passed with flying colors. 

You guys were wonderful to work with!

Hal and Melanie Schwab

I am a homeowner in the Cumming, GA area and called Paragon Roofing to do a patch job.  They came out, inspected the area, and offered a great price.  I was pleased with the work, the level of professionalism they displayed.  Therefore, I would recommend them to any and all I know.  They were professional in the fact that they explained everything to me that was needed to be done. 

After inspecting the issue they took pictures and forwarded them to me so that I could visually see as they explained not only the cause, but the treatment.  They were neat and courteous and did the job in a timely manner.  Not to mention it looks great.

Thanks Paragon!



Eight East Drive N.E.

Atlanta, GA 30305-4306



This is a letter to highly recommend Paragon Roofing.  When a tree sized limb fell into my 85 year old attic, Bill Coryer took over a bad situation and helped me through every step of getting my roof fixed more quickly and efficiently than I would have thought possible.  He did all the work with my insurance company.  That was a big load off my mind.  His bid was more than fair and the insurance company accepted his first bid.  He answered all my questions and explained what he would do and why.  Before he started the roof removal, he reinforced my attic and made it much stronger than it had ever been. The repairs to the roof deck were perfect. 

Mr. Coryer and his crew showed up on time and got right to work.  The dumpster and all the materials were there when they started working.  There was never a time when everybody wasn't working.  They set out tarps to catch the old roof and they cleaned as they worked.  They were careful around my garden and shrubs.  The job went smoothly. 

Mr. Coryer is very professional.  He takes pride in his work as well he should.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience.  If anyone wants to call or email me for any further details, I will be glad to answer any questions that they may have. 


Howard Aiken

William Coryer put a new roof on our house, and we have been pleased.

I commend his work and recommend him.

John Haggai

Haggai Institute

Cumming, GA

As an investor and landlord for the past 25 years I have bought and sold more properties than the average person.  It has been my experience quality work at a fair price is hard to find.  Recently I needed a new roof and contacted a local roofing contractor.  I could not do business with him but if you want to find him just follow the trail of slime he leaves behind.  (Trust me they are out there.)  Fortunately, I found William at Paragon Roofing who responded quickly, gave me a fair price, and completed the work in a timely fashion.  There was an oversight, a ridge vent was left off in error.  Before I could get back to the property William had a crew on the roof and was making a seamless correction.  The work was quality, the clean up was perfect, and the price was exactly as quoted.  When I normally read a letter of reference I think it was written by someone's preacher or mother.  I am neither William's preacher nor mother but I do recommend this young man and his company without reservation.

Erol Ceoebi

Cumming, GA

Paragon Roofing did a superb job replacing my roof.  They were neat and courteous and did the job in a timely manner and it looks great.  I am a local real estate agent and I have referred them to several of my clients whom have been totally pleased with their roof replacements.

Brooke Dixon

Harry Norman Realtors

We had our roof replaced last year (2014) After contacting 5 potential roofers, we decided on Paragon Roofing.  Having never replacing a roof before, their explanations and technical knowledge were invaluable.  They spent a great deal of time with us insuring that we understood all the " what and the why's" in the project. The prices were fair.  They protected the other areas of the house before installation.  The installation was efficient and on the time schedule.  And the clean up was good.  Almost a year later, the roof looks great and there have not been any issues.  We recommend Paragon Roofing without hesitation. 

Jim & Inez Durgen

Cumming, Georgia

I have been using Bill Coryer of Paragon Roofing for all my roofing and gutter needs on my properties since they opened their doors in Forsyth County in 2004.  Bill has done several repairs as well as replace the roof on the Heritage Building at Hammond's Crossing for me where Paragon Roofing has it's corporate headquarters.  I recently received a phone call from a dear friend of mine for over 30 thirty years.  He had several shingles blown off his house during a recent windstorm and asked me who I would recommend as a roofing company.  Without hesitation I said "Call Bill Coryer with Paragon Roofing."  Last time I spoke with my friend, Bill had replaced his roof and he was very satisfied. 

Allen Hammond

Hammond Properties

Mr.& Mrs.Brett Minton                    Buford, GA                            770-845-2553

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Mr. Don Frey                               Cumming, GA                          770-789-0150

Mr. Robert “Bob” Haynes          Cumming, GA                          678-376-7146

Rick Murphy                                Cumming, GA                         770-856-0146


Donald Osborne

Susan Osborne

7940 Black Horse Court

Cumming, GA 30041

Paragon Roofing

3064 Keith Bridge Road

Cumming, GA 30041

05 February 2016

Re:  New Roof Replacement - Thank You

Mr. William Coryer,

When we realized our kitchen ceiling had developed a water stain from an apparent leak, you know immediately - "this is not good."  Soon to follow is a feeling of dread.  Now, the real work begins.  I knew finding a dependable roofing contractor would be my first big challenge.

Mr. Coryer, we will gladly recommend your company, Paragon Roofing, to anyone we know who may bein the need of a quality roofing contractor.  You, your lead man, and your construction manager Bob, inspected our roof and evaluated our situation.  You were clear on what needed to be done in the way of temporary repairs.  You completely explained the damage to our roof.  You covered all the options, code changes, and described the quality of the CertainTeed products you use. 

Paragon Roofing was able to completely handle all outside and inside work required.  The new roof, and the new interior paint on the ceilings and walls looks great.  Mr. Coryer, your company completed our project in a timely and professional manner.  We thank you for the quality work we received by Paragon Roofing to get our home back in order. 

Best Regards,

Donald Osborne